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We are Trucking, logistics company operating in over 150 countries worldwide, providing great shipping experience to our clients.

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About compact

Let's learn more about JV Compact, firstly, you need to take a look at the frontend to find the position of this module:

To edit this module, in the backend, please go to: Administrator ->> Component ->> k2 ->> Items. Then filter for keyword: "Compact"

Let move to module: "Our Core Values". To edit this module. In the Backend, please go to: Administrator ->> Extension ->> Module ->> Then searching for keyword: Our Core Values.

This module is called from: Component ->> k2 ->> Items ->> Filter "Our Core Values"

This module on the frontend:

Let move to the last module of JV Compact. This module stands at the bottom of the page:

This module is called from: Extension ->> Module ->> then filter for the keyword: Board of Directors:

And this module is called from this part: Component -> K2 ->> Items ->> Then filter for keyword: Board of Directors


About simple

You can find the position of JV About Simple on Menu bar just only with one mouse - click:

Let's experience this module in this site:

Let's view the backend settting of this module:



JV Contact allows you to create a contact module, through which front end user can find the contact info, send messages to the staff. You can also custom the module easily in backend, or insert reCatpcha to limit spamers.

JV Contact also supports a google map that show where your address is on the map, as well as social sharing on Face Book, Twitter, etc.

Let find jv contact on frontend:

As you can see on the frontend, it's too easy to find jv contact:

And the full view of Jv Contact on the frontend:

In the backend, please find module contact by follow those steps:

In the administrator, please go to Extension >> Modules. In the field "Select Type" on the left page, please choose JV Contact:

Then, if you want to edit the content of JV Contact, you just click on the article - then modify/enable or anything you want:



The Location module allows real-world geographic locations to be associated with Joomla nodes, including people, places, and other content. The Location module allows admins to collect addresses, geocode them (translate addresses to lattitude/longitude), and associate locations with Joomla nodes and users. Location data is automatically used to generate GeoRSS within your existing RSS feeds.

Let's find the location module on main menu:

When discovering module, you can see the location will be displayed in 2 main kinds. Those kind are synchronious:

Location style 1:

Location style 2:

Then you can click on any article which you want to edit:



The position of Module news in frontend:

On the frontend, when clicking on module News at main menu, you will see all the content of this module.

Now, we will move to backend to edit module News:

To edit those module on the menu. In the backend, please go to Administrator ->>Component ->> K2 ->> Categories. Then filter with keyword "News"

Then click in this article, you can edit and choose 1 available layout config which you want to show on the frontend: 

How to edit the content of module "News":

In the administrator, please go to Component ->> K2 ->> Items. You will see a list of articles belong to news module. Your duty is too simple. Just click on any article which you want to change/edit...



Media vehicle" refers to specific methods of media used by companies to deliver advertising messages to targeted customers. Let's discover it:

Let's find media module in frontend:

All the content of Module Media will be shown below of the menu bar:

Now, we will move to backend to know how to edit/add the content:

In the Administrator, please go to Component ->> K2 ->> Items, then filter for Vehicle Fleet:

You can edit and add media's image by clicking on every article.