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Imports Consolidator

Imports Consolidator

With a surge in global business, there also arose a need for goods in varied quantities and frequencies. Anticipating and catering this need, we initiated a new service for our clients – Imports Consolidator.

Your goods in any quantity, any location and at any time will be imported, with the rates and speed which are for your any large volume cargo. We do full container load, half-container load, load based on cubic feet in each container, now, can be imported through us.


Though of small and split volume, your goods will get our same services and attention, which is provided to our large volume cargo customers. Speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are always paramount to us.

your benefits

  • Flexibility to ship goods at your volume without paying price for full container
  • Speed, efficiency and Cost-effective
  • Experienced and efficient staff to handle all paperwork.